Cyprus Wedding Transport


Cyprus Dream Weddings ........ Make sure your big day starts with a big arrival……..

Wedding cars are notoriously one of the last things people think about when planning a Cyprus dream wedding. They think about flowers, photographers, cakes and all the other numerous aspects of that very important day. By arriving at your Cyprus dream wedding in style, your big day will be that much more dream-like and special.

Today, the role of the classic wedding car is not only a means of transport, but an essential contribution to the overall style and fashions of the day. We can help you with all that you need to consider.

A stretch Limo or a Mercedes is a very easy way of making your Cyprus wedding day that bit more amazing. Alternatively, if you don’t fancy the modern glamour, there are all sorts of stylish traditional cars to choose from which will give a wonderful sleek look to your arrival.

We can arrange wedding cars for the Bride and Groom, bridal party, parents and we can even arrange transport for your guests.

For your perfect Cyprus dream wedding make sure you choose a style of car that suits you, and you can be sure that it will add an extra burst of excitement to your already unforgettable day. . .

Horse & Carriage.JPG

Horse & Carriage

London taxi.jpgBridalbug.jpg

                  Converted London Taxi                                                                                               Bridal Bug                             

Fun Bus - Copy.jpg

Cyprus Fun Bus

Also available: Mercedes, Open top bus, Limousine, Minibus and more........

Arrive in style to your Cyprus Dream Wedding From modern to the good old fashion way, we can provide wedding transport to suit every need.