Paphos Weddings - Finishing Touches


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  Your wedding in Paphos will be one of the greatest and most memorable occasions throughout your life. This celebration should be perfectly planned, exquisitely & beautifully decorated!


Table Decorations & Favours

  A beautifully dressed table and room make a stunning difference to the overall ambience of your Paphos Weddings reception.

  From chair sashes to our locally made personalised favours, the final touches add to the wedding day to make the reception a truly memorable occassion    


      Finishing touches for Paphos weddings (1).JPG  Finishing touches for Paphos weddings (2).JPG  Finishing touches for Paphos weddings (3).JPG



  To complete your wedding reception we can organise a range of music for you and your guests to dance the night away...

  Dependent upon your reception venue you can choose from:

  Disco (music from 60's to date)

  Traditional Greek or Cypriot dancers

  Live music -Saxophonist, harpist, violin and guitar duo playing jazz, classical, up tempo, Irish and much more.....


Wedding Attire Hire

  From formal Morning suits to light weight tailored linen suits we can arrange the perfect attire for your Paphos Weddings.


Bag Pipes

  Bag Pipes - to 'pipe' the Bride and Groom into the wedding ceremony and or wedding reception.

  Scottish or Irish music available.


Lucky Chimney Sweep

  Lucky chimney sweep is available to attend Paphos Weddings ......

  Since Pagan times, the images of fire and the hearth have been associated with luck. It's because of a Chimney Sweeps relationship with hearths and fires that he carries luck with him wherever he goes.




  Cyprus Wedding Belles the experts in arranging Weddings in Paphos.