Weddings in Paphos - Legal Requirements

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Legal requirements for weddings in Paphos

We recommend that this section should be read carefully and printed off, as the following contains important information on Cyprus weddings rules and regulations which the bride and groom must follow before a license of marriage can be issued.

According to Cypriot law, before a wedding in Cyprus can proceed you must meet the following legal requirements:

  • All documentation MUST BE ORIGINAL (photocopies are not accepted).
  • Be resident in Cyprus for a minimum of three working days before your wedding day (excluding weekends, public holidays and the day of arrival).
  • Current passport with at least 6 months validity remaining before departure date.
  • Each have your own Freedom to Marry Certificate (affidavit / single status decloration) stating that there is no impediment to marry each other.
  • The certificate must include your name, address, nationality, passport number, occupation, marital status (single, divorced or widow/er), the date        that you intend to marry in Cyprus; and be signed and stamped by a registered solicitor on the document.
    This document must not be more than 6 months old.
  • Birth certificates.
  • Adoption certificate, if applicable.
  • Original copy of the decree absolute if divorced. If Catholic, the original copy of the marriage annulment.
  • Original copy of the death certificate if widowed.
  • Proof of name change by Deed Poll (if applicable), stamped and signed by a solicitor.
  • If either partner are under the legal age of consent (18 years) a written consent is required from a solicitor on behalf of the parent(s).
  • Copies of two witnesses passport (where name and passport number is shown).
    (Cyprus Wedding Belles would be happy to provide two witnesses if necessary).
  • Baptism or Christening certificate of either one or both of the parties (applicable for church ceremonies only).
  • For Church ceremonies the name and the address of the couple’s home Church Minister/Priest is required.

All religious weddings and blessings except those performed by an Anglican Priest must be preceded by a civil ceremony.

Should you have any questions about legalities for weddings in Paphos which are not answered above, please contact our Wedding Co-ordinator.